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March 18th - All Day Sitting at Oak & 7th Street


Oak & 7th Street Sanctuary will be offering a full day sitting this coming March 18th: including sitting in person as well as online participation.  See our website for link.


For those who are able to join in person, we will gather at the Oak Street Zendo, and begin at 8:00 Pacific Time.  Cynthia will be giving the Dharma talk: Beyond Knowing & Not Knowing.


The Spring Practice Period will begin Sunday, April 2nd with One Day Sitting and Shuso Entering Ceremony for Brian Pilgrim, and continue to May 27th.  The invitation to the Spring Practice Period 2023 will go out shortly.


For Saturday sitting in person, please inform your local head of practice (Peter, Kirk or Brian).   Please bring a bag lunch and RSVP soon to confirm space.   The suggested donation for

our One Day Sitting  is $10-25.      


Thank you very much.

Sitting Schedule

Saturday March 18, 2023

7:45 Check in

8:00 Zazen

8:30 Kinhin

8:40 Zazen

9:10 Kinhin

9:20 Dharma Talk & Discussion

10:00 Kinhin

10:10 Zazen

10:40 Kinhin

10: 50 Zazen

11:30 Service

12:00 Lunch Break

12:45 Zazen

1: 15 Kinhin

1:25 Zazen

2:00 Kinhin

2:10 Dharma Study & Discussion

3:00 Closing Service and Refuges

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