A Study of Suzuki Roshi: Unpublished Talks: on Buddhist Precepts: This  class will be schedule in February 2023,

in collaboration with San Francisco Zen Center Online Classes. 
"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. " 


So begins Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind... 
If you wish to begin or deepen your Zen practice, there is no better place to find inspiration than in the life and teachings of Suzuki Roshi, the most influential Zen teacher of our time. 


When Shunryu Suzuki roshi came to San Francisco in 1959, he had no particular plan. He had led congregations in Japan and had an unassuming, friendly and direct way with people. What Suzuki roshi offered and inspired in people will never be completely understood.  Having studied the two collections of his talks: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (1970) and Not Always So (2002) for the past several years, we are now studying some of his unpublished work.  Suzuki's life and appreciation of Buddhism became the inspiration for the practice and community which has grown to become the San Francisco Zen Center, and its over 70 direct descendant Practice Groups. 

This is an introductory course, open to everyone with a sincere interest in Zen practice and a desire to extend their understanding and appreciation of this life and our times. We will start with a sitting period, followed by selected readings and discussion. 

Oak Street Zendo

634 Oak Street SF CA, 94117
Advance notice will go out in December 2022
Peter van der Sterre, vdscon@gmail.com